Best wedding venues akron ohio

Best Wedding Venues in Akron, Ohio

As wedding videographers in Akron, Ohio, we’ve had the opportunity to film at a variety of wedding venues and reception halls in Akron. While every venue is different and has unique perks and qualities, we’d like to showcase a few of our favorites.

This is not a normal wedding venue list, rather it’s a showcase of the cinematic quality these venues can add to your wedding video.

Firestone Country Club

Located five minutes east of Portage Lakes, the Firestone Country Club is a luxurious golf club and three-time host of the PGA Championship. Hold hands with your newlywed in a golf cart traversing four sweeping courses, each with scenery that will make your wedding video breathtaking.

The outdoor patio faces the calm Firestone Reservoir, while the interior features a cozy, relaxed atmosphere ideal for mingling and enjoying delicious meals prepared by Firestone’s distinguished executive chef. This venue is perfect for golf and nature lovers who want to balance splendor with tranquility for a wedding night nothing short of a hole-in-one.

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Located two miles north of Highland Square, Stan Hywet is one of the largest homes in the United States. Dignified and stately, the historic estate of F. A. Seiberling has become a breathtaking landmark known for its marvelous tours and special events. Our cinematography will place you at the forefront of its brick and stucco architecture with an expansive reception hall that simultaneously boasts splendor and homeliness.

Don’t miss the gorgeous gardens encircling the property; we’ll capture the beautiful birch trees surrounding you as you look into your loved one’s eyes. This venue is perfect for anyone seeking to celebrate a majestic special day within one of Akron’s most defining symbols of elegance and opportunity.

Akron Art Museum

Located in the heart of downtown, the Akron Art Museum brings together old and new, combining late 19th-century brick and limestone with a sweeping glass and steel modern design. Every detail is rife with beauty and style from the museum’s innovative architecture to its stunning exhibits. Ensconce your guests in the Bud & Susie Rogers Garden, the gorgeous grounds surrounding the museum that will make your wedding ceremony a work of art.

When the party starts, we’ll use our special camera lenses to absorb all the light in the spacious O’Neil Lobby, while you grab your glow sticks and dance the night away. This venue is perfect for anyone with a creative flair and a desire for an unforgettable experience surrounded by the best of Ohio’s visual beauty.

Guy’s Party Center

Located south of Firestone Park, Guy’s Party Center is a family-owned locale capable of accommodating any wedding reception, large or small. Each of the three spacious ballrooms contains a dance floor, open bar, and DJ stage, facilitating a larger-than-life experience sure to make your wedding video rife with glamor and vitality.

We’ll catch the warm, vibrant atmosphere on camera as you hold your partner close, surrounded by colorful lights and the smiling faces of friends and loved ones. With a magnificent use of color and style to beguile your senses and friendly staff happy to accommodate, this venue is perfect to fit the needs of any couple.