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Best Wedding Venues in Canton, Ohio

As wedding videographers in Canton, Ohio, we’ve had the opportunity to film at a variety of wedding venues and reception halls in Canton. While every venue is different and has unique perks and qualities, we’d like to showcase a few of our favorites.

This is not a normal wedding venue list, rather it’s a showcase of the cinematic quality these venues can add to your wedding video.

Glenmoor Country Club

Seated just 15 minutes from downtown Canton, Glenmoor Country Club boasts nearly 400 acres of the gorgeous landscape along with a spectacular Gothic building constructed in 1931. Its ornate interior will leave you awestruck, featuring a striking, dimly-lit ballroom that blends majesty and intimacy with ease.

Feast your eyes on the elaborate chandeliers filling the room with warm tones and splendor to spare. Traverse a brick bridge in your ethereal world, surrounded by a tranquil pond reflected by our cameras and the eyes of your beloved. No matter how you’ll spend your special day, this venue is perfect to ensure you’ll feel like royalty every step of the way.

Gervasi Vineyard

Seated in between Akron and Canton, the Gervasi Vineyard is a much-needed escape from daily life through its lush landscape and astonishing views. Let its vibrant foliage relax you, allowing you to focus on the sparkle of the lake and in the eyes of your beloved. Many of its rooms are dimly lit and rife with cobblestone, producing a warm, romantic vibe for our videography.

Listen to the sounds of leaves rustling and birds chirping as you exchange vows completely immersed in tranquility. When the sun sets and the celebration starts, your glow sticks—and our cameras—will illuminate the smiles on your faces, concluding an intimate and unforgettable wedding day.

Royal Docks Brewing Company

Located less than 10 miles northwest of downtown Canton, the Royal Docks Brewing Company is inspired by traditional English pub culture, marrying rustic with sleek for an unforgettable wedding experience. This hotspot features plenty of local drinks and even more space to dance while enjoying them.

Its reception hall is an architectural cocktail, fusing two cultures to bring old and new together; its traditional brown brick complements the glossy, modern floor and couches, while the homely wooden barrels and chairs direct the camera’s attention to both the elegant flowers and you among them. This venue is the perfect brew for any couple wanting to start a tab for a unique wedding celebration.

The Historic Onesto

Located in the heart of downtown Canton, the Historic Onesto is a distinguished wedding venue that has earned several awards for its historic charm at an affordable price. Built in 1930, this locale features breathtaking architecture with ornate designs every which way.

From the foyer’s sophisticated, graceful ceiling patterns to the event center’s lively, inviting atmosphere and pristine wood flooring, every detail of this locale will transform your wedding into a fairy-tale adventure captured forever by our superior videography. Both stylish and awe-inspiring, this venue is perfect for any couple who longs to be whisked away to their dream come true.

Brookside Farms

Located in the peaceful countryside north of the small town of Louisville, Brookside Farms is more than just a farm. It features 120 acres of wooded landscape that provides a private, enchanting setting to sweep your partner off their feet, while its rustic reception barn will make your wedding video the perfect balance of pastoral and elegant.

Whether you’re sharing cupcakes with guests in the wood-paneled barn or looking up to the stars with no one but your loved one beside you, be rest assured that our dedicated staff is here to capture each organic moment. With stunning views, endless nature to explore, and a gorgeous interior that will take you back to simpler times, Brookside Farms is just the needle in the haystack for you.