Elite Entertainment Offers Cloud Storage For Weddings

A Cloud-based Wedding Storage Solution

Do you wonder what you should do with your wedding video? Is it gathering dust on a DVD stored in your attic? Is it stored on a flash drive with a file size too large to share with family and friends? Storing and sharing your wedding video is one of the most important parts of the videography process. Couples need to access and share their special day easily. However, these essential last steps are often the most overlooked and challenging to carry out. Why is that?

When Given HD Wedding Video, You’re Left With Few Choices

  • To store your videos through a shareable medium online, you could use services like iCloud and Google Drive to upload and send videos to people you want to share with. This process is cumbersome for a variety of reasons: slow upload speeds, unreliable link-sharing due to large file sizes, and an overall lack of presentation.
  • Another option is to store your wedding video on a flash drive or DVD, but these are even more difficult to share with others. Additionally, you run the risk of losing your important files over time.

Elite Is Here To Help

We provide an easier solution: a cloud-based viewing, sharing, and storage platform for your wedding video. For a one-time payment of $250 per wedding, you can forego all of the pains described above in place of a seamless wedding video server, easily accessible through any computer, smartphone, or tablet – and it’s effortless to share.

How does it work? We’ll take your videos and transform them into a fully-branded and beautifully-designed layout complete with a simplistic and elegant user interface. Plus, your wedding experience can be viewed on any device without the hassle of transmitting large files. In fact, we’ll bundle your highlight reel, ceremony, and reception in one convenient location, complete with download & share links for each individual video. This way, your videos are always easy to view and send to the people you love most. Plus, our platform allows you to always have a backup of your wedding.

See How It Works


Whether or not your wedding was recorded by Elite, we’d be more than happy to compile your best moments into a breathtaking showcasing and backup solution. For just $250 a wedding, revolutionize your wedding experience and make every moment an Elite moment.

Note: Files will stay active online for 10 years or in the event of cancellation. You may renew hosting at the end of the 10 year period.