When people first hear you’re engaged, they start giving you tons of suggestions as to who to use for your cake, your DJ, your photographer, etc. Without question, the best advice I was given was to use Elite Entertainment as our videographers. Once I saw the work they had done, I knew I had to have them preserve the best day of my life. When people ask about my wedding, I don’t show them my photos, I show them my video because 1) it’s beyond impressive and I love showing it off and 2) it makes them feel like they were part of it. Not only is the video movie quality, but Matt and his crew were beyond easy to work with. He and I felt like old friends after our first meeting and on the big day, he put me at ease and seemed like one of my invited guests, which I definitely can’t say about my other vendors. He wasn’t just there to film, he was there to help, and gave better advice than my wedding planner. Every time I watch it (which is often), I’m reminded, not only of the sights and sounds of the day, but the actual way I felt at each and every point…you can’t get that from a still photo. From seeing my now husband’s face as I walked down the aisle, to hearing our vows to each other, to watching my mom and dad dance together at the reception (which is something I didn’t actually see in person), the video allows me to relive that amazing day that seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. Thanks to Elite Entertainment, my wedding day will last forever.

From one bride to another,
Lauren Osco